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Topics: Africa, Government, Sovereign state Pages: 2 (412 words) Published: May 5, 2014
Self Assessment Doing Business for Humanity
This is a guide to what I expected in an answer and the length. If I ask for 2 examples don’t waste time giving more. __________________________________________________________________________________ Q1. Give 2 examples of institutions used to distribute multi lateral aid The World Bank, IMF etc

Q2. Briefly state what comparing actual amounts of a nation’s Aid giving from per capita amounts reveals. The absolute amount given by the US for example might appear great compared to other countries until we compare how much they give compared to size of population and the economy. Answer. It shows actual generosity related to size of economy and population Q3. Looking at how the effectiveness of aid was being undermined - what were the 2 general reasons I gave at the start of week 2. Self interest of donor govts and quality of monitoring and evaluation Q4 What is the counter argument to the accusation that bilateral aid is tied to the political interests of the donor government? That tax payers scrutinise their own government’s spending Q5 We read a BBC article entitled “Can Aid do more harm than good.” In this article why was “simplifying” the problem (as being about famine ) harmful to solving the real problem? Give just one of the reasons. It distracts us from focusing on long term and or preventative solutions Q6 Give 2 reasons why we might be surprised that Africa is under developed when many of its countries seem to have several advantages. Close Access to Western markets, cheap labour, natural resources Q7 Give reasons to explain Africa’s under development; Colonial past _infrastructure focussed on extracting raw materials, self interested politicians replaced self interested colonial masters, Brain Drain, Demography; Slave Trade, and lots more Q8 Name 2 stakeholders who had an impact on pushing government to reform French Aid giving The Media and the judges

Q9 What is the problem which is...
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