American Government Chapter 8

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McKenna Miller
American Government
Section 2 Project:
1. I am affiliated with the Democratic Party. Like many Democrats, I believe that the government is responsible for taking care of all American citizens, and aim to direct my votes towards bills and laws with this kind of ideology. The Democratic Party can help me get elected by first nominating me, informing the public and activating their interest and participation in public affairs. They can also hold Democratic Party fundraisers to raise funds for my campaign. Yes, the coattail effect from a Presidential candidate of the Democratic Party will play a role in the election. Right now, we have a Democratic President that is popular in the state of California. I believe that “riding on Obama’s coattails” will help me to succeed in this election. 2. To convince voters to come out and vote for me, I will host many public events were I talk very passionately about the issues that I strongly believe in, and in turn, what I can about these issues for the public. I will make sure to visit a lot of different communities that vary in income, age, ethnic background, and geography and address each communities individual issues and concerns. Non-voters could be a huge impact on the outcome of the election. Hopefully, with my community visits, non-voters will be attracted by my dedication to all citizens of California. In most of California, registration and polling places are not an issue. However, if there are a few communities that are affected by limitations on registration and polling places, I would suggest that they use mail ballots, which are convenient and simple. 3. I would get nominated by proving to my party committee that I am a worthy candidate and will be successful and popular in the election. To ensure maximum efficiency, I would hire the best staff possible. I would hire multiple campaign managers and political consultants who would brainstorm ideas together to perfect my campaign strategy. I would also hire other staff that would be supervised by the campaign managers, and would be in charge of advertising, canvassing, and encouraging every person to vote. I would also try to gain as many volunteer activists as possible to help with my campaign. Having staff that are efficient and dedicated to my campaign would make a huge impact on the successfulness of the election. 4. I expect to have a lot of expenses in advertising as well as staffing, consulting’s, and events. I believe that these four aspects of campaigning are the most crucial to my personal campaign. A lot of the money I need will have to come from the Democratic Party itself, as well as from public funds. I would ask potential voters for small donations at each event or fundraiser, which could potentially add up to be quite a lot of money. I would also have to spend my own savings. Big businesses and corporations will not play a large part in financing my campaign. It is illegal for them to donate or contribute any amount of money to any candidate running for a federal office. Many voters feel that PACs are these large businesses’ way of finding a loophole in this law. PACs associated with certain large business operations or labor unions are not places I would accept money from. I would accept money from unconnected PACs who are not a unit in some larger organization. I believe that with this ideology, my campaign will be much more successful, and voters will see me as an honest candidate. 5. Polls are an important part of the election process. Polls can help to tell how effective your campaign is among voters. By looking at these polling numbers, some changes can be made in the campaign strategy to gain the attention of more voters. Mass media will be a huge part of my campaign strategy. All ages of Americans use different types of media, and utilizing each type of technology can help my campaign succeed and be popular with all age groups. For example, for younger voters, I would...
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