Broken Family

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The Problem & It’Background


Family is the basic components of the society. And the parents are the most important source of youth’s behavior, which effect to their outlook in life.   A home is where a family lives. It may be alternated  to the word ‘house’ but a house is more appropriately  referring to the material structure, whereas ‘home’ refers to the intangible things that bind together the family members.

So if the parents are separated, how does it affect the youth and what can they do about it? When parents split up, there can be many emotions that a youth may have to deal with. These feelings, internalized or expressed, will result in certain behavior that will possibly affect to the youth’s outlook in life. And these feelings can cause a big impact in their performance study, socialization and personality.

The most common dispute between a husband and a wife is the financial issue. This is rooted when the father, which should be the provider for the family, can’t give enough money for the sustenance of the whole family. Or early marriage could be the reason of the financial setback. Teen pregnancies are very much high in rate in the last decade. A couple that haven’t able to

finish studies and started a family early would likely experience difficulty in monetary aspects. An undergraduate would have a hard time finding a lucrative job. Not mentioning that building a family needs a steadfast preparation particularly financially.


What is a broken family? It is a family with the children involved where parents are legally or illegally separated and whose parents have decided to go and live their lives separately for several reasons/problems. It is one where the parents (mother and father) of a child or children have split up and no longer share a single family home as a family unit. This is also known as...
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