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What is the most important way the small business you have chosen meets customer needs? In this project I aim to tell you all about the business I have chosen and identify the ways that it meets the needs of its customers. The business I have chosen to base my project on is called ‘Lees Heginbotham & Sons Ltd’. The address of the business is: 59-61 George Street, Oldham, OL1 1JF. The business also has a website for its customers: ‘Lees Heginbotham & Sons Ltd’ is a Private Limited Company and therefore this tells me that it has limited liability. The business has 6 employees, the manager, a cleaner and four carpet fitters. * What does ‘Lees Heginbotham & Sons Ltd’ do?

‘Lees Heginbotham & Sons Ltd ’provide floor covering and high quality carpets all over the UK. The services that it provides are: * free estimating,
* free carpet removal,
* a quality fitting to your standard
* a free car park adjacent to the shop.

* Competition?
‘Lees Heginbotham & Sons Ltd’ has quite a bit of competition. It is placed close to the ‘Spindles Shopping Centre’. Also there is another carpet shop quite close by to ‘Lees Heginbotham & Sons Ltd’ called ‘Roll Ends’. But ‘Lees Heginbotham & Sons Ltd’ is placed just off a high street and advertises around the country.

Also, just about a mile away is another carpet shop, placed in the middle of a retail park. This could offer some competition for ‘Lees Heginbotham & Sons Ltd’. This is an image of the carpet right about a mile away from ‘Lees Heginbotham & Sons Ltd’.’Carpet Right’ is surrounded by other shops and is placed in a retail park. This is a bonus for customers to go to ‘Carpet Right’ because there are other furniture/carpet shops in the retail park and a there is a bigger car park. ‘Carpet Right’ is also placed around a busy motorway, so this means that many people passing will know that there is a carpet shop and probably go there in the future.

* Where is it?
This map...
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