Drucker practice of management chapter 1

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Worksheet for Summaries of Chapter I

1)What are the themes of the chapter? How do the themes relate to management? Explain in a few sentences. The theme of the chapter is the role of management. The author says that there is only one way to take advantages of the resources we have this through management. Management allows a better use of the resources therefore it helps to increase the level of productivity of a company or of a country. 2)Choose the three most important or interesting aspects of the chapter. Provide quotes and page numbers. Drucker explains us that the resources we have always been seen as limit to the human’s control over his environment but that now, thanks to management, it can be seen like a tool. Quote p.4: “resources have always been considered as a limit to man’s activities, a restriction on his control over environment – rather than an opportunity and a tool of his control over nature” The author tells us that management is crucial for the economic development of Western countries. Drucker takes the example of USA which was at this time in “Cold War” against communism and that the leaders of the country had to smartly allocate resources to stay competitive from an economic point of view but also satisfy the country’s military needs. Quote p5: “A cold war of indefinite duration not only puts heavy economic burdens on the economy […] it demands ability to satisfy the country’s military needs while building up, at the same time, an expanding peaceful economy” Drucker tells us to stay at the top the USA should not make the same mistakes than the UK which is declining since the 1880’s by not having a strategic vision and that only management performances and competences will allow remain most powerful country in the World. Quote p5: “there is a real danger that in retrospect the United States of 1950 will come to look like the Great Britain of 1880 – doomed to decline for lack of vision”

3)Write at least two questions...
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