Elements of Politics and Government

Topics: Political philosophy, Law, Government Pages: 7 (2280 words) Published: August 13, 2013


GNS 202 Elements Of Politics And Government 1 Unit One Semester

Course Coordinator: Email: Office Location: Dr. O.O. Adegboyega, B.Sc., M.Sc., PhD


Man as a political animal; theories of state. The evolution of the modern State. Varieties of political system and institutions. Ideologies of political Liberalism, Conservatism, Socialism, Pan Africanism etc. Colonialism and the evolution of the Nigerian Politics, Structure, and problems of the contemporary international political system. Politics in Africa. Nigeria in World politics.

COURSE REQUIREMENTS: Continuous Assessment Test(s) and 75% class attendance. READING LIST: Ahmadu, K. (2005) Nigerian General Elections (1951- 2003) Ibadan, Spectrum Books Anthony, E.I, J.K. Olayemi (eds.) (1997) Governance and Development in West Africa: Perspectives for the 21st Century African Rural Social Sciences Research Network Bello-Imam (ed.) (1997) Governance in Nigeria: Economy, Politics and Society in the Adjustment Years (1985-1995) Ibadan Stirling-Horden Publishers, 1997 Ojukwu, C. C (2007) Understanding Politics: An Introduction Publishers Abeokuta, FUMROK

Olowu, O et.al (1995) Governance and Democratisation in Nigeria, Spectrum Books Adefolarin, A. (1989)Political Science and Government of West Africa Lagos: Adefolarin Pub. Appadorai, M.A., (1968) The Substance of Politics London: Oxford University Press Ball, A.R., (1983) Modern Politics and Government London: Macmillan Press Barker, E., (1962) Essay by Locke, Hume and RousseauNew York: Oxford University Press Dukor M. (ed.) (2003), Philosophy and Politics: Discourse on Values, Politics and Power in Africa Lagos: Malthouse Press. 1


Ekeh, P.P (1980), Colonialism and the Social Structure An Inaugural Lecture delivered at the University of Ibadan, 5th June 1980. Gboyega A. (ed) (1996), Corruption and Democratization in Nigeria Ibadan: Friedrich Ebert Foundation and AgboAreo. Morrow J. (1988), History of Political Thought: A Thematic Introduction London: Macmillan Press Ltd. Okechukwu, R.O., An Introduction to Political Science Enugu: MaryDan Publisher Omoregbe, J., (2007) Social-Political Philosophy and International Relations Lagos: Joja Educational Research and Publisher Sabine G. H & Thorson T.L (1973), A History of Political Theory Hinsdale Illinious: Dryden Press.

GNS 202: ELEMENTS OF POLITICS AND GOVERNMENT (1 Units) INTRODUCTION This course focuses on the following areas of politics and government: examination of man in a political society; the meaning and nature of politics; the idea, nature, origin and the role of the state; political ideologies and institutions; Meaning and nature of government; the various arms of government and types of government; basic principles in government; constitution and constitutional development in Nigeria; Nigeria and the world TOPIC 1 MEANING, NATURE AND SCOPE OF POLITICS Man in a political society The word “politics” is derived from the Greek word, polis, which means city-state. In his treatise on Human Associations, Aristotle (384 322 BC) stated that the most sovereign and inclusive association is the polis, as it is called, whose essence is the establishment of government, law-making, enforcement and eliciting obedience from the members of the society. Aristotle observed that Man is, by nature, a political animal. This means that politics come naturally to all human beings. The activities of politics can be seen in the day-to-day living of man and it encompasses all forms of human endeavor. SOME DEFINITIONS OF POLITICS 1. Robert Dahl views politics as the interplay of contending actors in which one actor always attempts to gain a relative advantage over the other. 2. According to Heinz Eulau, politics is concerned with the conditions and...
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