Environmentalists vs Economists

Topics: Developing country, Economic development, Environmentalism Pages: 2 (721 words) Published: December 4, 2012
| Environmentalists| Economists|
Global| 1) Developing countries most damaged: * - Relocated production * - Outdated equipment * | 1) Industrialization +Diversification of the economy * Welfare 2) Relocated production stimulates economic growth and thus assists socio-economic equality of the nations| | 2) Developed countries also suffer| 3) economic forces that create the wealth of developed countries can solve their environmental troubles to solve real environmental innovation is needed—finding new ways to produce goods and services, package and deliver them to consumers, and dispose of or recycle the wastes generated by their own production or by consumption| | 4) Global warming(climate change) * - negative impact on human health, biodiversity * - hazard of natural disaster * | “Industry in the developing countries has a special opportunity. Because it is making new, ‘greenfield’ investments [investing in undeveloped and often unpolluted land], it can leap a stage and go straight to the best modern practice.| | 5) Resource depletion * - Lack of resources -> economic collapse in countries rich in resources and dependent on them -Lifestyle disruption * -political instability (wars for the rest of resources)| The Republicans’ chief concern is the EPA’s authority, as affirmed by the Supreme Court in 2007, to regulate emissions of greenhouse gases. But more broadly they worry that the EPA is constantly tightening restrictions on pollution, at ever higher cost to business but with diminishing returns in terms of public health. They point to a slew of new rules about industrial boilers, cooling water at power plants, the disposal of coal ash, and emissions of mercury, ozone and other chemicals from smokestacks, which cumulatively, they say, will have a crippling effect on power generation and other industries. “Even God,” says Joe Barton, a Republican congressman, “couldn’t meet some of the ozone...
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