Topics: Meaning of life, Linguistics, Writing Pages: 1 (276 words) Published: March 21, 2014
Victor Fuentes
Peer review for Sharon Cantoral

1. I thought the paper was really well written. It made the story a lot clearer and her explanation gave the story more life. She gave good references and related very well to the story. 2. She gave a good interpretation at the end of the paper and explained how the story was actually about love and patience. 3. She gave evidence of it when she mentioned symmetry with the pigeons and sky. I wrote my essay on the same story and she gave good points that I never thought of like the symbolism of blue. 4. She briefly mentioned structure other than how the flashbacks. She did not mention language but she talked about narration and how being written in Otima’s point of view was beneficial to the story. I would suggest she talks about Desai’s reasoning as to why she wrote things the way she did. 5. She transitioned to the next paragraphs smoothly by having a connecting last sentence. I would’ve mentioned the meaning of the story first, then how she relates and finally the literary techniques. 6. I thought she gave very true and interesting points about culture differences and the first paragraph drew me in from the second I started reading. 7. The ending was nice because she showed the positivity of the story and the meanings behind many things. 8. The strongest thing about this essay is the symmetry part. She mentioned things I would’ve never thought of that fit so well with the story. 9. What needed most improvement was length. She could have probably added a bit of information about the author or talked about language.
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