One of the Effective Studying English Is to Find Your Own English Learning Way.

Topics: Second language acquisition, Linguistics, Language acquisition Pages: 3 (584 words) Published: May 19, 2013
1. Main Point.
One of the effective studying English is to find your own English learning way.

2. Thesis
1) People should find their own English learning way that suits themselves. 2) Korean public English education must respect characters of each student. 3) Following popular English learning way is stupid.

4) No effort, no English.
5) Before you start to study English, understand your character and your level in advance.

3. Research
1) Internet.
a. There is a strong association between personality type and English as second language learning strategies in Sri Lanka; the findings indicated that there are significant associations between personality type and language learning strategies b.

This means that if a particular personality type prefers a certain strategy, the least preference for that strategy can be seen from the personality type that exhibits exactly the opposite personality characteristics.

The greatest differences in terms of the behavior typical of the four personality types are found between the personality types which are diagonally opposite each other; for example, between choleric (HN/HE) – phlegmatic (LN/LE) types and between sanguine (LN/HE)-melancholic (HN/LE) types. For easier reference the following figure is repeated below (above). Liyanage, I. J. B., & Griffith University. (2004). An exploration of language learning strategies and learner variables of Sri Lankan learners of English as a second language with special reference to their personality types. d. through an understanding of his/her learning styles, the student knows more accurately how he/she can better process and put new information to use. Brownfield, K. M. (1993). The relationship between the Myers-Briggs personality types and learning styles. 2) Book.

a. p. 122 “…different personality characteristics are involved in promoting communicative and linguistic abilities….” Ellis, R. (1985). Understanding second...
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