Regional planning

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On the basis of the elemental factor of space, a region is a geographic or areal unit with certain limits and bounds. The unit may consist of a few villages or a number of countries. A region may, therefore, be thought of as an areal or spatial organization of varying dimensions. Also a region is an area with certain characteristics, often mere size, by virtue of which it is adopted as a suitable unit for some particular purpose of business and administration. It is also an area which is homogeneous in respect of some particular set of associated conditions, whether of the land or of the people, such as industry, farming, distribution of population, commerce, or the general sphere of influence of a city. A region in general terms is envisaged as a natural unit, in contrast to the artificial unit created for administrative purposes. In practice a prefix is added to highlight the attributes on which the region has been defined, for example, agriculture region, resource region, city region, planning region etc.

All the daily activities of human beings are carried out on land. Proper organization of these activities i.e. planning will help the human being in leading a richer and fuller life in livable surroundings or environment. "Planning" means the scientific, aesthetic, and orderly disposition of land, resources, facilities and services with a view to securing the physical, economic and social efficiency, health and well-being of urban and rural communities.Planning is a continuous, time-oriented and cyclic process of identification and achievement of goals. Regional Planning:

It is a specific type of planning, based on a specific planning structure (regional system), for inducing public action aimed at societal well being. It implies that regional planning is concerned fundamentally with the society in the context of space. Regional planning is a category of planning and development that deals with designing and placing infrastructure and other elements across a large area. Regional planning zones may encompass several towns, cities or even parts of different states, each of which could have their own planning offices in the realm of "urban planning."

Aggregate Growth model:
Regional growth implies an increase in the total income and/or per capita income of a region. Since the growth of income is always the result of the growth of the use of factors (e.g. land, labor, capital, raw material) of production, regional growth should imply a better use of the factors of production such as land, labor, capital etc. of the region In addition to these factors, a region can also grow due to an increase in the level of demand for its commodities from the other regions within the country or outside the country. Thus in regional analysis, growth of a region can result either from endogenous (within) factors or from exogenous (outside) factors or both. Sometimes growth may result from a right location of industries/services.


Growth from inside:
Sector Theory:
The sector theory has its origin in the empirical observations made by Colin Clark, Simon Kuznets and others. It is based on the contribution of different sectors of economy at different levels of development. The sector theory places attention on structural changes taking place within an economy in contrast to the export base theory, which emphasizes the role of external relationships. According to sector theory, the process of economic development is accompanied by a shift in the employment pattern first from primary to secondary sector and later on to the tertiary sector. The explanation is based upon the different income elasticity for the products of these sectors and the relative differences in the average earnings per worker in different sectors. The theory is empirically verifiable in terms of cross section and historical trends in different countries or major regions within them.

The sector theory with its emphasis on structural...
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