Report V. D. Quang - Critical Applied Linguistics

Topics: Linguistics, Applied linguistics, Discourse analysis Pages: 2 (562 words) Published: February 8, 2014
Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
Facultad de Comunicación y Lenguaje
Lingüística Aplicada
Juliana Castañeda González
Quang, V. D. (2007). Critical Applied Linguistics: Concerns and Domains.

In this article, Vo Dai Quang’s objective is to understand what is Critical Applied Linguistics (CAL) and to do so, he lists some concerns and questions that can bring a closer understanding of what critical applied linguistics means. Quang’s concerns have to do with: “the scope and coverage of applied linguistics,” “the notion of praxis as a way of going beyond a dichotomous relation between theory and practice,” “different ways of understanding the notion ‘critical’,” “the importance of relating micro-relations of applied linguistics to macro-relations of society,” “the role of critical theory,” “critical applied linguistics as a constant questioning of assumptions,” the importance of self reflexivity in critical work,” “the role of ethically argued preferred futures,” and “an understanding of critical applied linguistics as far more than the sum of its parts.” The article starts providing us with two definitions of Applied Linguistics by The Longman Dictionary of Applied Linguistics: “the study of second and foreign language learning and teaching” and “the study of language and linguistics in relation to practical problem, such as lexicography, translation, speech pathology, etc.” The applied linguistics that critical applied linguistics deals with, explains Quang, is one that has a wide coverage, is interdisciplinary and has a certain degree of autonomy; it is not merely an application of linguistic knowledge. Along with applied linguistics, critical applied linguistics are concerned with praxis, being critical, micro and macro relationships, critical social inquiry, critical theory, self reflexivity, preferred futures and heterosis. Critical Applied Linguistics, writes Quang, is a way of thinking and doing a continuous reflexive interaction of thought, desire...
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