Standards for English as International Language

Topics: Linguistics, English language, Second language Pages: 5 (696 words) Published: June 19, 2013
|3. Standards for English as an international language | |Standard English: She was sabotaged by them. | | | |Singlish sentence is grammatical and linguistic equal. | |①Language standards and English as an international | |☞ This variety of English was part of the Singaporean identity | |The debate over standards in English as an international language | | | |-Quirk: A common standard of use in warranted in all contexts of English use | |-A controversy | |-Kachru: A need to re-examine traditional notions of standardization and models as they related to Outer | |: all varieties of English are linguistically equal BUT they are not considered to be socially equal. | |Circle users. | | | | | |-Lick and Alsagoff | |Defining standards English | |: The variety spoken by the socially dominant groups like the rich and powerful (institutionalized as the | |-Strevens: no standardized accent associated with Standard English | |standard | |-The Longman Dictionaly of Applied Linguistics | |The variety used by people of lower social class such as the poor and uneducated(as nonstandard, | |-Bamgbos: five factors (demographic, geographical, authoritative, codification, acceptability) | |substandard | | | |-Kachru | |The question of intelligibility | |: Cline of bilingualism: the range of varieties of English used by individuals within one country | |-Intelligibility: recognizing an expression | |-Different attitudes between Singaporeans and Indians | |-Comprehensibility: knowing the meaning of the expression | |Singaporeans: equally divided between accepting a British standard and | |-Interpretability: knowing what the expression signifies in a particular sociocultural context | |their own nativized variety | |...
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