Test #1

Topics: Public administration, Government, Max Weber Pages: 2 (277 words) Published: July 8, 2012
Points Awarded 79.00
Points Missed 21.00
Percentage 79.0%

1. Why is Woodrow Wilson described as the father of Public Administration in the US? He was the first to formerly recognize public administration through his article named The study of Administration.

Teacher Response: Yes; true, but a little brief and might have had more details. Points Earned: 23.0/25.0

2. Why is Max Weber’s characterization of bureaucracy considered the essential building block for understanding the formal institutional structures of public administration? Because he is pretty much the first person to put all of their theories about bureaucracy in one place and it be true.

Teacher Response: Too fuzzy and brief.
Points Earned: 12.0/25.0

3. Briefly explain the meaning of political power and administrative power Political power is a power held by a group of people who deal with administrative things where as administrative power is a power held by a certain position.

Teacher Response: A bit off...
Points Earned: 19.0/25.0

4. Using ONE of the issues below, briefly explain why intergovernmental relations is so complex in the US: a) Illegal immigration b) Homeland security c) Education d) Welfare. With illegal immigration it is very complex considering the Federal government can collect taxes and provide cheap labor when the state has to suffer by the legal citizens are out of jobs and the state can't do anything about the illegal immagrants. The different governments end up contradicting each other in many different ways.

Teacher Response: You can clearly see how each level of government plays a role in this issue. Good answer. Points Earned: 25.0/25.0
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