Unfamiliar Text NCEA Revision Level 1

Topics: Metaphor, Alliteration, Linguistics Pages: 4 (578 words) Published: November 2, 2013
Language Feature
General Effect
Explanation of Example
Comparison of one thing to another. It says “that one thing IS another” Can visualise object clearly to comparison drawn
“skull-like coconuts”
“the sea is a hungry dog”

Allows us to imagine the colour and shape and texture of the coconuts being deadly hard dented and discoloured like skulls. Personification
Giving something human characteristics
Bring the object to life
The sea stretched out its frothy arms to welcome us
The waves are like arms stretching out
Allows a feature to be stressed for effect.

Can also be used to describe an emotion; excitement, shock
I’ve told you a million times

Your room is so messy it
looks like a tornado has been through your room
Humour or annoyance that is created by exaggerating
A comparison of two things using the words like or as
Image has heightened
The sun glistened like diamonds on the water
As clear as mud
Comparison and we see the two things as like.
Repetition of consonants usually at the start of words.
Sound created reinforces image or idea being conveyed
Peter pan planned parties for people
Wild water

We imagine the brightness of the sun’s reflection as being incredibly shiny Onomatopoeia
Sound words
The sound of the word allows you to “hear it”

Repetition of final sounds in words
Rhyme places emphasis on particular words for effect
The bright beams of the moon
Shone lovingly on the lagoon

Play on words
Where words or phrases can be used for humorous or witty effect

Good for your buns!
(from a advert for low-fat margarine)
The word “buns” can mean bread rolls or bums. The pun helps us think about Assonance
Repetition of vowel sounds across two or more words
Sounds creates emphasis on the idea or theme being conveyed
No hope
The long O sound is dismal (sad) and bleak...
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