Vocabulary Ch 1-4

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Bio 1610
Vocabulary Words
CH 1-4

CH 1

Emergent Properties- The greater good, bike parts in a box = useless, put them together = useful. Systems Biology- Using data to predict the function or result of an affect or variable has on a biological system. Biosphere- The earths atmosphere, the earths crust, the life in the ocean etc. Ecosystem- A community of organisms and their physical environment, ie- the dessert, a coral reef, a jungle etc. Community- All of the groups of animals or plants living together in the same area or environment. Population- A group of organisms of one species that live in the same place. Eukaryote- Cells, DNA, Nucleus, Cell membrane, organelles etc. Prokaryote- a cell with no nucleus (before nucleus)

Negative Feedback- a self regulating system that can reverse or change the output of a process. Detects the body has enough x so it stops producing it… Positive Feedback- the system increases production in response to a stimulus. Pregnancy. Domain- Three groups, highest level of classification. Bacteria, Archaea & Eukarya Archaea- Prokaryotes that live in earths extreme environments. Boiling Springs etc Natural Selection- as animals reproduce, they pass down traits that are advantageous to the species survival enabling them to adapt to their environment. Inductive Reasoning- Drawing conclusions based on your observations. Deductive Reasoning- After hypothesis. Flows from general observations to specific. Hypothesis- An educated guess

Controlled Experiment- Comparing an experimental group to a control group. Both groups only differ in one factor- what’s being tested. Theory- General enough to spin off specific Hypotheses. Supported by more evidence than a hypothesis.


Element- What matter is made up of. Cant be broken down by chemical reaction. Compound- Two or more different elements combined.
Trace Elements- Required by an organism, but only in minute quantities. Atom- The smallest unit of matter that still...
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