A World for the Apergians

Topics: Government, Artificial island, Asperger syndrome Pages: 1 (313 words) Published: January 20, 2014
Abdel. A
Mrs. McKay
A World for the Aspergians
Aspergers Island is a beautiful island covered in sand and tropical trees where the entire population consists of Aspergians (people with Asperger’s syndrome). Ever since the island’s completion, this land has been unknown to the world. The first Aspergians constructed this island using sand dredge and approximately 7 million tons of rock, forming an artificial island. There have been many designs added to the project to ensure that the island functions accordingly. The Aspergians designed this island to leave the cruel world that puts them lower than dirt, and to build up a nation of Aspergians. Today, Aspergers Island is ruled by its profound government. The government divided itself into two groups, one, for the believers of god/supernatural, and two, for people that depend on logic and believe that the idea of god is stupid. And with that, the island was separated into two sections: for the believers and non-believers. This was done to stop any conflicts between the two groups. All Aspergerians must follow the island’s daily policies. For example, one policy is, “do not touch anybody unless they do not mind being touched.” Some Aspergians might like being touched, but the majority do not. Another policy is, “do not play loud noises because some Aspergians are very irritated by loud sound.” These policies ensure equality to all Aspergians. Asperger’s island is a very beautiful and free land, but some Aspergians want to leave because the population has grown so rapidly over its years that the demands for food has increased. The two governments do not allow anybody to leave because they do not want the outside world to know about this island. Aspergers Island remains a secret to the world and within time, Aspergian’s will expand its design to create more plant life.
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