‘the Language a Person Uses Tells Us a Lot About Who They Are.’ Discuss.

Topics: Language, Linguistics, Popular culture Pages: 2 (831 words) Published: June 26, 2011
The film ‘We can be heroes: Australian of the Year’ demonstrates languages people use which show a lot about who they are. Languages can reveal about a person’s gender, their educational level and their social status. In this film it gives examples of characters that use their own language to show who they are. For example Daniel Sims, Ja’mie King and Ricky Wong all have their own way of speaking and communicating with others. Daniel Sims lives in South Australia with his mother, little brothers and sister and also his hearing impaired twin brother, Nathan. Sims family is known to be country side people. Daniel was nominated for Australian of the year for donating one of his eardrums to his near-deaf brother, Nathan. As he doesn’t know sign language, Daniel uses different methods to talk to Nathan, such as screaming at him. From the language used by Daniel in the film shows a lot about himself, that he has a low level of education by using limited vocabulary, for example, ‘pissed on teacher’s desk.’ He also is influenced by rap culture by naming his dog after Ja-Rule and enjoying rapping and beatboxing with his friends. Daniel uses lexicology in his language by saying ‘35% spastic’ which is not politically correct. Daniel is rude but is unaware of his inappropriate behavior. Therefore Daniel uses his own language which tells us a lot about himself. Another character in the film ‘Australia of the year’ is Ja’mie King, who lives in New South Wales, but was born in South Africa. Ja’mie has sponsored many of the Sudanese children for Global Vision, which gave her the National Record. Due to her work of raising money, Global Vision decided to make her the ‘face’ of their organisation. Ja’mie is a popular girl at Hilford Girls’ Grammar School. She and her group of three friends are very superficial, caring only about their looks. For example one of the Sudanese children she sponsored named Sonali. Sonali apparently writes a letter to Ja’mie telling her that she is in...
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