1984 Analysis: Feeling to Live in a Country Like America

Topics: Government, Totalitarianism, Nineteen Eighty-Four Pages: 3 (1057 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Many people don’t realize how lucky we, as Americans are to live in such a great country. We have the right to vote, hold office and even to protect ourselves. Many would call these rights necessities, but in some countries they aren’t as fortunate enough to have these liberties and have a Republic system of government. Throughout history, there have been multiple countries that have ruled with the totalitarian style of government. Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany and Facist Spain could all prove this with their passed methods of censoring the public and intruding on their everyday lives. Even now, in North Korea, the country’s people barely have minds of their own. Since reforms placed by Kim Il-Sung and the late Kim Jong Il, citizens have the lowest ranking in rights of any country ever. The North Korean Government has censored news, blocked access to YouTube, Google or any type of social media websites and no one is permitted to leave or come into the country. A government like this is scary to think about, but far worse have been predicted in the past through literature. The power of a totalitarian government is truly displayed through 1984 by George Orwell where the theme of showing full governmental control by using whatever means necessary to convert an anarchists mind and exposing one’s fears as an advantage of power.

The totalitarian governments that we know of now go to pretty extensive lengths to limit their citizens, but their methods can’t even compare to the way Orwell portrays through Big Brother. Each person has a telescreen in their house, which spouts political propaganda of the current ruling party to brainwash the minds of the citizens and also is said to monitor each household to keep a close eye on them. The main character, Winston is employed just to alter past historical documents to sway the events in favor of the party. Through all of this, he begins to despise the party and begins to plot against them. He does it all well secretly for a...
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