3 Levels of Government

Topics: Local government, U.S. state, Federal government of the United States Pages: 2 (374 words) Published: June 17, 2013
Federal Government
* Highest tier of the government.
* Has authority over external affairs, defence, internal security, justice (except civil law cases among Malays and other indigenous peoples, adjudicated under Islamic and traditional law), federal citizenship, finance, commerce, industry, communications, transportation and other matters etc as stated in the Ninth Schedule (List 1) if the Federal constitution. * Comprises of Ministries, Departments and Public Enterprise. i) Ministries are the highest body in the federal administrative machinery. Each Ministry is headed by a Minister and plays an important role in directing, planning, coordinating, enforcing and implementing government policies and all matters under the portfolio of the minister heading it. Example: Minister of Health

ii) Departments that are headed by the Director General and the functions of a department are related to a certain policy determined by the government. iii) Public Enterprise can be classified as statutory body and non-statutory body. Example: MIDA (statutory body) and MAS (non-statutory body)

State Government
* Second tier of the government.
* Comprises of ministries (for Sabah and Sarawak), departments and public enterprise. * Executive authority is vested in the Ruler or Yang Di Pertuan Negeri assisted by the State Executive Council who is needed by the Chief Minister or the Menteri Besar. * The administrative machinery of the State is headed by the State Secretary. * Example of state departments : State Development Office * Example of statutory body : State Library Corporation

Local Government
* Third tier of the government.
* Governed by the Local Government Act 1976 to include City Council, Municipal Council or District Council as stated in Section 2 of the act. * Each local authority has the power to administer its respective area. * Section 9(2) states that the local authority shall...
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