5 Thoughts Inequality Between States

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Inequality between States2
1)The search for a yardstick of Development2
2)Contrast in technical development2
3)Contrasts in Demographic stages3
4)Zero Economic Growth4
5)The Rostow-Taffe “stages of growth” Model5
Inequality within States6
2)Spatial aspects of Social justice6
3)Regional planning in the United States7
4)Problems of land use8
5)Problems of location9
5.1) Location of airport10
5.2) Location of nuclear facilities10

Inequality between States

Inequality is different from poverty but related to it. Inequality concerns variations in living standards across a whole population. By contrast poverty focuses only on those whose standard of living falls below an appropriate threshold level (such as a poverty line). An inequality says that two values are not equal. Social inequality occurs when resources in a given society are distributed unevenly, typically through norms of allocation that engender specific patterns along lines of socially-defined categories of persons.  Economic inequality, usually described on the basis of the unequal distribution of income or wealthy studying the Inequality between the countries by focusing on the richest country in the world, the HDC, MDC or LDC, the average condition of the country as a whole is taken which ignore the strong regional variation within the state. Variations in development occurs at all spatial levels, both within and between the states. Measures of inequality

Inequality can be measured in many different ways, based on differences in poverty and income, wealth and assets, consumption patterns, health, and other measures of well-being. Regardless of the measure, the data generally point to rising levels of inequality in the United States. However, the choice of measures can affect conclusions about the magnitude of the increase as well as the size of the gaps between different population groups.

1) The search for a yardstick of Development
Computation and mapping is done for some quantitative indexes that serve as a definite ruler for measuring the economic or social performance of a region. For example it can be said that that a country as poor in which the low level of health services and nutrition cause many infants to die and a country as rich in which the high level of health and nutrition prevents infant’s deaths. In following graph; at one end N. America and Australia have less than 10 infant’s deaths per 1000 lives while at other end Afghanistan, Angoia, Niger and Somalia have more than 100 deaths per 1000 live births.

Figure 1 infants deaths per 1000 live birth on globe
This difference in scores is due to differences in the way each country collects population data and partly how the wealth is distributed. A single index of wealth, then, has evident disadvantages. The United Nations has suggested that standards of living can be properly defined by using many indexes: indexes of health, food, education, working conditions, employment, and consumption and saving, transportation housing, clothing recreation, social security, and human freedom. If these indicators are measure they would not give same story. 2) Contrast in technical development

To compare states according to its technical development three terms are used as; Highly developed countries (HDCs)
Moderately developed countries (MDCs)
Less developed countries (LDCs)
Following table shows how world leading countries fit into these categories in the early 1970s.

Countries with modest energy resources
Countries with rich energy resources
Mainly market economies

Centrally planned economies

Western Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, S. Africa, and Israel

N. America, Canada

Soviet Union and Eastern Europe

Middle east and Northern Africa
Mainly market economies

Centrally planned economies

Southeast Asia and Africa ( expect N. Africa and...
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