Access the Significant of World War I in the Russia Revolution.

Topics: World War I, Government, World War II Pages: 3 (1042 words) Published: September 25, 2011
Access the significant of World War I in the Russia Revolution.
The word ‘access’ in the question brings the meaning of obtain or retrieve the validity or the value, while the word ‘significant’ in the question means important. When these words are put into context the entire question can be interpreted as obtain the value of the importance of World War I that further led to Russia Revolution. This is a challenging task as there are two important impacts that can be considered in this period of time: The impact on society and the impact on government.

Some historians hold the view that the World War I is important in the Russia Revolution as it brought impact on the society. During the progress of the World War I, the social people had some physical changes and mental changes. The impact of the war can be clearly seen on the peasantry who made up the bulk of rank and file soldiers. They suffered difficultly in the hardships of the war and that was the time, they became more radical where revolutionary groups began to find them susceptible to new political ideas. On the other hand, there was also peasants who stayed at home, which largely only the women and the elders were left. All the young males were forced and conscripted into the army to help the war out. This issue had further leaving their farming job into the hands of the women of the elderly, who were found to be much more incapable than the males in that time. The farms were running worse, while the horses were seized for transporting military equipment, which had worsen the situation of the agricultural work. Moreover, the people suffered from insufficient foods because most of their products of plantations were sent to the army by the government. By sending their products away what they had got in return was merely low and inadequate prices. The life of the peasants was getting worse as there was news saying that the war conditions are terrible. They lived in fears. Moreover the food shortages had...
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