Active Learning 1 Sla

Topics: Linguistics, Psychology, Second language acquisition Pages: 2 (302 words) Published: July 21, 2013

Subject: Second Language Acquisition
Item: Introducing Second Language Acquisition
Active Learning – Chapter nº 01


1. List all the languages that you can use. First classify them as L1(s) and L2(s), and then further classify the L2(s) as “second”, “foreign”, “library”, “auxiliary”, or “for special purposes”. Finally, distinguish between the ways you learned each of the languages: through informal exposure, formal instruction, or some combination of these.

L1: Spanish

L2: Second:-

Foreign: English, Quechua, Japanese, Korean.

Library: Hebrew, Greek.


For special purposes: English for Computing, English for Language Teaching.

|Informal exposure |Formal instruction |Combination | |Japanese |English |Quechua | |Korean |English for Language Teaching |English for computing | |Hebrew | | | |Greek | | |

2. Do you think that you are (or would be) a “good” or a “poor” L2 learner? Why do you think so? Consider whether you believe that your own relative level of success as a language learner is due primarily to linguistic, psychological, or social factors (social may include type of instruction, context of learning, or attitudes toward the L1 & L2).

| |GOOD |POOR |WHY? | |English |x | |Because I meet partners around me with whom I can talk in | |...
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