Administrative Theory

Topics: Government, Democracy, Public administration Pages: 2 (603 words) Published: July 10, 2013
Ineffective, governmental, useless, unresponsive or crooked is how citizens, the media, and occasionally political leaders and public servants perceive government. Citizens repeatedly criticize that governments offer services that are insufficient, wrong, or too costly of their hard-earned tax payments. Instead of reacting to the needs of citizens, people see government officials to be acting in their own benefits. The public wanting improvements in the ways in which governments serve citizens is proven in surveys and opinion polls. They want a public administration that provides improved services and spreads their reach and coverage more successfully and proficiently. To provide more and better services at lower cost is the capacity that citizens expect improvements (Rondinelli).

Several political leaders and government officials are aware that the demands of a more difficult and unified international economy are no longer being met by doing things the old way. Burdens on governments to produce economic, political and social conditions and tougher competition among businesses have been brought on by globalization. Government interference has been called by international organizations and progressive political leaders, over the past quarter of a century (Rondinelli).

It is now widely recognized the necessity to develop governance and public administration and to enhance the State’s ability to carry out new tasks and roles. In a variety of ways in both developed and developing societies, the uncertainty about democratic governments is being demonstrated. Regarded as the same with corruption, more and more people do not trust their governments. Governments no longer draw the best, the most talented, or the most committed people and many government departments are finding it hard to recruit trained and skilled staff (Putnam).

The diminishing amounts of citizens who turn up to vote both in developed and developing countries are an image of the even more...
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