Advantage of China Economic

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1st advantage
China has a more developed than in many developing countries and the balance of trade, China's much faster rate than India has been since the 1950s, manufacturing growth. In 1980, when China and India in the gross domestic product (GDP) per capita more or less equal, China has enjoyed a strong advantage in manufacturing. 2nd advantage

China's strong and effective state machinery has been modernized and effective tool for mobilizing resources. Despite the belief of the free market as the only reliable tool for the development of the advantages, the fact is, South Korea and Taiwan has been the modernization of state-led. China increased by only one example, despite the fact that, since the 1980s, a smaller share of economic activity in the account, rather than in the 1949-1979 state. China is able to pour huge amounts of state money, the development of new industries and new export processing zone (EPZ), great infrastructure, and a few developing countries compete. This also applies to the exercise of social control by the Chinese state level. 3rd advantage
Large-scale China - 1.3 billion people, a big country - has greatly magnified the effective state-led economic growth and superior manufacturing advantages. It produces the benefits of economies of scale. Her huge export processing zones set up out of nothing, and now China houses the world's export processing zones, two-thirds of the workers. This advantage to help China build its own specialized three basic manufacturing clusters, each. The first is the Pearl River Delta (including Hong Kong's main export channel), specializing in labor-intensive manufacturing, production of spare parts and their General Assembly. Second, the Yangtze River delta, specializing in capital-intensive industries: automotive, semiconductors, mobile phones and laptops, computers, and others. 4th advantage

Legacy of land reform. Is generally considered China's land reform more successful than India....
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