Advertisement analysis *Volvo-Van Damme

Topics: Thought, Viral marketing, Truck Pages: 1 (404 words) Published: March 26, 2014
The main purpose of the Volvo advertisement I chose is, undoubtedly, to gain more profit for the company. But what did they do in order to entertain the audience viewing the video and how does that correspond with their profit? I think Volvos first step was to keep the viewers shocked and interested during the duration of the video. They did this by making the video short and sweet. The video itself only lasts one minute and sixteen seconds but it was able to keep me excited and baffled the entire time. I didn’t know if Van Damme was going to fall in between the two trucks and I certainly didn’t understand how he was able to balance between the two without losing his grip. By pulling out just these two emotions, Volvo was able to make this video go viral and have viewer’s sharing the video by word of mouth and social media sites. According to the views on YouTube, the advertisement that Volvo used to show off the dynamic steering of their trucks not only entertained me but at least 70,910,903 others as well. With that being said, I would have to conclude that Volvo met their viewing expectations without a problem. The video itself seems to be pointed to people that drive big rigs considering that they are demonstrating the control and stability of their own, but it gained the attention of a much more broad audience. Volvo not only was able to create a video that showed how controllable their trucks were but it said something about the company as a whole. It shows that Volvo trusts their product to the extreme that they would let Van Damme do the splits in-between two of their moving rigs. All in all, the purpose of Volvo creating this ad is to create more profit for Volvo. When any company puts out an advertisement they expect people to watch it so the viewer can see what that company has to offer. In this case Volvo offers dynamic steering and they also let you see how much they trust their product. This video says a lot about Volvo and it should keep people...
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