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Common Characteristics of Romantic or Courtly Love Poems
Write your response to this element here. My response for this question is that the characteristics are almost the same in there meanings. With romantic and courtly love they can be expressed the same way by thru song or poems by both woman and men. The feelings and thoughts and emotions can be expressed and felt the same way by both parties. The big difference in them is that men are the ones who show more respect and honor to the woman they are perusing. They do this by giving gifts and doing deeds of honor to show how he feels towards the one he is perusing. My Reactions to These Expressions of Romantic Love

Write your response to this element here. My reactions to these elements is that some of the ways love or affection is showed is pretty much the same way today as it was back in those time periods. I like to relate the way these feelings are expressed is through music and poems and ballads by some very great bands of are era. I find myself using some of these expressions myself in my life, as giving flowers and cards and other gifts to try and show my feelings for someone. Ways in Which This Poetry Surprises Me

Write your response to this element here. I am not really surprised by the way poetry and romantic feelings surprise me. I think in humans we are predetermined to find the right way to express love and other things and what we don’t know we learn along the way. My thoughts on this are that people should pay more attention to each ones feelings and thoughts and be positive when giving advice to someone and be respectful.

Discovering the Humanities, Second Edition

References: Discovering the Humanities, Second Edition
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