An Analysis of Sociolinguistics Features in “Pencarian Cinta” Novel by Norah Roberts

Topics: Linguistics, Sociology, Literature Pages: 2 (507 words) Published: September 29, 2011

a.Background of The Study
Communication is vital to human existence. It is how we pass on others our thoughts and feelings; tell them what we want them to do; ask them to help us; share with them our knowledge and experience. Without communication, we would each live as if alone in the world. Language is by far the most widely used of all communication methods; communication is the most important function of language.

Study of the sociological aspects of language, Sociolinguists attempt to isolate the linguistic features used in particular situations that mark the various social relationships among the participants and the significant elements of the situation. Factors influencing the choice of sounds, grammatical elements, and vocabulary may include age, gender, education, ethnic identity, occupation, and peer-group identification. It is appropriate for modern-day linguists to regularly reexamine the works of leaders of our field upon whose shoulders we continue to stand (despite our apparent need to claim originality for our own recent breakthroughs and revolutions). Koerner (1988) traces much of our current sociolinguistic thought through Saussure by way of William Dwight Whitney (1827–1894), citing the following crucial passage: Speech is not a personal possession but a social: it belongs, not to the individual, but to the member of society. No item of existing language is the work of an individual; for what we may severally choose to say is not language until it be accepted and employed by our fellows. The whole development of speech, though initiated by the acts of individuals, is wrought out by the community. (Whitney 1867:404) As one of the literary work, novel also provides us so many sociolinguistic features to be learnt. In the novel “PENCARIAN CINTA” by Norah Robert, we find an interesting story about the first meeting of 3 family members of de Kergallen who never meet each other for so long. Madame Comtesse invites Serenity to...
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