An Analysis on Language Style Used in Too Fast Too Furious Movie

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Title: An Analysis of the Language Style Used in “two fast and too furious” film.

Fields: sociolinguistics

A. Background of the Study

Too fast and too furious film is one of the most amazing films in 2003 year. This film was directed by John singleton. He is a famous director in the world. He had been directing many films. This film was become a winner by many awards held in Hollywood, such as BMI film music award in 2004, breakthrough male performance 2003, won teen choice award, golden reel award, best sound editing in domestic features dialogue ADR and so on.

This film tells about the adventure of two spies to break a drug syndicate. Brian O'Connor (Paul Walker) was kicked off the force for his little stunt in the Fast and the Furious and has been on the run ever since. He fled all the way to Florida, where he became friends with Tej (Ludacris), the man who knew where all the action was. Before too long, Brian couldn't even find anyone who would race against him and the word was out. The cops grabbed Brian and made him an offer - help them with a case or go to jail. The cops have been trying to nab the premier drug dealer in the area, Carter Verone (Cole Hauser), for some time, but haven't been able to make anything stick. Conveniently, Mr. Verone is looking for some drivers to make drops for him and that is where Brian comes in. Brian takes the deal, but on one condition - this his buddy, Roman Pierce (Tyrese), gets a piece too. Before they know it, Brian and Roman are in way over their heads as they combat fellow street racers, sexy undercover cops, an insane boss who is not above torture and the fast, furious life in Miami.

This film is very amazing film. The actors and the actress act like they are the real character in the film. In this film we will find another world of spoken language called language style. They use their own language style in their community. They talk with an interesting tones and intonations each other. They use so many kinds of language style such as slang, jargon and register. Their community is unussual community, racer life, mafia, police and so on. Besides the visual effect of this film is something interesting that can make us imagine like we were there on that film.

B. Identification of the Problems

Everybody has their own language style in speech. It is influenced by their environment. Style refers to the selection of linguistic form to convey social or artistic effect. Style also act as a set of instruction (Chaika, 1982: 29). Language style can be defined as the specific ways to express the thought which shows the writer’s soul and the writer’s personality (language user) (Keraf, 2002: 113). The writer analyzes the language style of too fast and too furious film.

The writer analyzes language style of diction which consist (jargon and register). Diction is the choice word. Dictions are word choices. Dictions are word choices. Diction is effective when the choice of word is proper to audience. Registers are words used in a society or group which are difficult for other communities to understand. Jargon is the feature of language variety which is used for specific field and just understood by them who stand on those specific fields, but it is not secret. Chaika (1982: 120) says that jargons are varieties of language created for specific functions by the people who engage in them regularly. While the definition of jargon in Webster (1994: 723) is the specialized vocabulary and idioms of those in the same work, profession, etc. In the same sense, Morries (1982: 686) defines that the specialized or technical language of trade, profession or similar group called jargon.

Tone is the part of sentences over which a particular pattern extends. Intonation depends on emotion such as sentiment, sympathic and anger. This is the impression of word combination used to give emotional impression.

Dictions, tones and...

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