Analsy of The Direct Method and Grammar Translation

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Compare Grammar Translation and Direct Method
Grammar Translation

Direct Method



1. Teachers point out the grammar rules such

1. Teachers give students some

1. In Grammar Translation,

ng process

as S. O. Adv. V. Students remember the

sentences which have the same

teachers use deductive ways to

rules and use them to realize some similar

grammar rules.

help students remember rules.


Students will find the similar rules

In Direct Method, teachers use

from sentences.

inductive ways to make students

understanding grammatical structure of

2. Students learn language by oral and

realize rules.

language. Teachers are using grammatical

aural repetition and imitation. In short,

2. Grammar translation doesn’t

pattern with certain practical logic as the

students tend to pick up language with

require students’ ability of

foundation of teaching technique.

circulating practice no matter in

understanding in language

simple physical response or inner

comprehension in whole, which


means it doesn’t provide students

2. Students absorb language by

3. Non-native-speakingTeachers can use their mother tongue as

the tool to translate the target langue

a complete set lesson of language

teaching process.

learning. On the other hand, The

4. Non-native-speaking-

direct method required students

Students can learn target language via

listening, speaking writing and

their native language by logical

reading ability. Students learning

grammatical structure.

via the direct method, have got to
accomplish holistic field in
language comprehension.


1. Teachers usually stand on the stage to

1. Teachers focus on pronunciation so

1. In Grammar Translation,

explain. Students individually listen to

they usually ask students speak for

teacher-student and

teacher’s lecture and seldom speak.


student-student have little

Because students have chances to talk

interaction. However, there is

translation doesn’t cost too much time.

and speak, they might discuss with

more interaction in Direct

Thus, teachers can use a “recyclable”:

each other.


teaching pattern to teach students.

2. The relationship between teachers

2. In terms of motivation and

2. Preparation for teachers in Grammar

3. Students are not requested to practice

and students is getting closer and more interest that students have earned

language orally so that they make a good

connected, for the more teaching

in both methods, the direct

use of logical thinking in grammatical

activities they launch the more

method relatively provides

structure of language. Sooner or later, they bounded they are.

students more.

start translating language with their

3. Preparation for both teacher and

3. Preparation in grammar

mother tongue.

students cost more time and energy;

translation method tends to cost

thus both teachers and students are

more time than the direct method.

4. Grammar translation is based on language
sentence structure; thus it tends to be lame

able to improve themselves in teaching 4. Teachers are likely using a

and tedious to learners who are not


familiar with language.

same teaching plan for good by
grammar translation method.
Varity of teaching technique is

The ways which 1. Students might feel boring in the class if student’s

students are not interested in English.

1. Students can have more interaction 1. In Grammar translation, with teachers and get feedback

students are usually lack of

feelings &

2. It is likely that students don’t pay too


much attention on self-study, for


grammatical pattern usually limits...
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