Analysis of Dubai Development Model with relevance to India

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Global Political Economy
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Table of Contents
I. Introduction and Dubai Policy Relevance to India
II. Challenges faced by both India & Dubai
III. Policy Changes – What can be adopted by India & Dubai from each other IV. Business Context of the policies in India & Dubai
V. References

To: The Leaders of the Business Association of India
From: Hult Consultancy Group
Reason: Analysis of Dubai Development Model and relevance to India

Dubai is one of the most flourishing cities in the world attracting people from all over the world with a strong economy. India being a part of the BRIC nations and with the ambition of being perceived as a developed nation need some changes economically and politically. Could the Dubai model work in India? I. To analyse how Dubai’s model can be relevant to India we need to look at various different factors. Looking at the model of Strategy, Structure and Resource we could make some comparisons of how Dubai is similar to India.

Economic Development
Political Stability
Economic Development
Import Talent & reliance on foreign companies in Dubai.
Logistical Hub and this promoted with good port facility.
Political Stability
Strong ties with other Emirates
Strong & Continuous Leadership
Relaxed religious laws although still Islamic focused.
Economic Development
Focus on education, medical & engineering sectors good.
Primary sector of Agriculture not ignored.
Infrastructure development, cities and broadband development is another major focus. Political Stability
Member of the BRIC countries.
Democratic government with secular laws.
Infrastructure development at the ports as the south of India is also strategically located. Strong ties between cities Eg: Bangalore & Hyderabad can be made Low Relevance
One leader strategy may not be applicable
Policy of importing talent for domestic needs.
City vs Rural Development
Education system

City vs Rural
Cluster focused for companies and development towards Abu Dhabi close to the coast line. Old Dubai vs New Dubai
Education System
Focus is on introducing more foreign universities.

City vs Rural
Satellite city structure. New development outside major cities towards small towns. Eg: Whitefield, Noida. Infrastructure development in rural areas.
Education System
Good education system after British colonization.
Science & Engineering has special focus.
Focus on rural areas education.
Cluster structure could be replicated.
It is already done in a few places but could be done in most cities. More foreign universities can be introduced in India.
Not Relevant
Old city vs New City is already in place in some cities. Eg: Delhi Resources
Natural resources
Human Resources
Alliances & Relationships
Population- Low
Manpower (Skilled, Unskilled, Technical)- Low
Natural Resources- Low
Alliance with Abu Dhabi for resources- High

Population- Very high
Manpower (Skilled, Unskilled, Technical)- High
Natural Resources- High
Alliance with other states or countries for resources- Low
Alliance with neighbouring countries or other BRIC countries for resources can be made. II. To analyse if Dubai’s model can be adopted by India, the challenges faced by both countries should be analysed further.

Policies used by Dubai for the above mentioned challenges are: 1. Quality of Education:
UAE government invested up to AED6bn invested on improving general education. Solution : They have a partnerships with several international schools in order to improve their education system. 2. Policy relevance to India is low.

Main issue faced by India is inaccessibility in rural areas. Extreme poverty is another problem
Solution- Mandatory CSR activities enforced by the government. Secondly broadband services to provide education by internet in inaccessible areas as done in Gujarat ....

References: 1.
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