Analysis of Journal Article: Government and Corporate Communication Practices: Do the Difference Matter?

Topics: Public relations, Communication, Public Pages: 3 (689 words) Published: June 12, 2013
“This study investigates the differences and similarities in communication practices between the public and private sectors. (Horsley, 2010) Being able to analyze the results of the investigation is important. It could possibly lead to break through ideas that could save money if the communication practice is carefully implemented. This paper shall analyze a study done using 976 surveys. The surveys were distributed and completed by many different corporate communicators and government agencies. Budget wise, results from the survey were different between private and public sectors. “No significant differences in diversity of publics, opportunities for professional development, participation in organizational leadership, or management support for communication between the two groups were found.” (Horsley, 2010) The findings allowed agencies to change policies in order for the model to work with the proposed budget.

“Specifically, through a survey of 976 government communicators (n=640) and corporate public relations practitioners communicators (n=336), this study tests whether the wheel accurately identifies fundamental differences in how public relations is practiced in the two sectors within a US context.” (Horsley, 2010) The public sector provided a model of communication decision-making. The model utilizes nine attributes that are demonstrated in the public sector environment. This carries the notion that the two sectors are distinguished based on nine environmental attributes: value of communication, federalism, leadership opportunities, legal frameworks, media scrutiny, public perception, professional development, and public good.

“The survey sample was 2525 US government communicators and corporate communicators. The study defined government communicators as current government employees or contractors at the local, state, or federal level, or for “quasigovernmental” agencies such as public utilities partnerships, Whose primary responsibilities are...
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