Analysis of Transport Infrastructure Development, and Impacts of Tax Regimes on Transport, Energy, Environment and Household Consumption on

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Analysis of Transport Infrastructure Development, and Impacts of Tax Regimes on Transport, Energy, Environment and Household Consumption on Economic Development: A Case of the Balkans – Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro



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Christian Lous Lange once stated, “Modern techniques have torn down state frontiers, both economic and intellectual. The growth of means of transport has created a world market and an opportunity for division of labour embracing all the developed and most of the undeveloped states”. A cursory perusal of the first and latest policy frameworks of transition countries reveals poor frameworks in transport network as one of the key challenges to national economic competitiveness, sustainable development initiatives, and broad-based uplifting. This dissertation explores the influence of transport and logistics in the economic development of the selected Balkan countries to illustrate the factors involved in the efficient performance of transportation and logistics management. Transport infrastructure investment relates to economic growth, hence, it is advisable to allocate much funds to the sector. In developed countries, additional transportation investment has had little impact on the overall accessibility and often results in the change of business patterns and mode trends but not economic growth. However, lack of management information on the impact of high economic growth and equal access on energy demand results in а severe backlog in electricity-generating infrastructure. Similar challenges face the freight logistics because of lack of management information. Focus has been on building а sustainable competitive advantage through logistics as а means to differentiate oneself from the competition because these competitive аdvаntаges can be easly imitated. Based on the case studies, we used a comparative аpproаch. The study determined the impact of transport infrastructure on the economic development of the transition countries (Albania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro). We consederd the final consumption of households on transport for these countries from 2004 to 2013, and corresponding years’, ‘C-values’, ‘ENE’ and ‘ENV’ were also compared. The data collected was analysed using SPSS (Version 21) software. We projected data Data from the 10-year period using a ‘linear trend’ for the 2014 to 2030 and the impact evaluated using the C-values, ENE and ENV. Existence of significantly high correlation among these variables implies that growth of transportation facilities improves the economic development of the transition countries. All these aspects validate the results and enlighten on the impact of transportation on the economic development of these nations. The outcomes from this research could serve as a tool when drafting national long-term strategies as well as informing decision-makers of the strong relationship between economic development and the level of development of transport infrastructure. Key words: Transport, Balkan countries, strategies, SPSS analysis, logistics operations, economic development

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1.1Background of the study1
1.2 Problem Statement2
1.3 Purpose of the study4
1.4 Aims and objectives7
1.5 Research Questions7
1.6 Scope and Future Studies7
1.7 Rationale for the Study8
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