Ancient Chinese Philosophy

Topics: Government, State, Form of government Pages: 4 (1726 words) Published: June 26, 2007
We step into an argument between three college students with differing views on philosophy. What follows is that discussion in all its glory with the constituent college student fanaticism and naiveté.

…so what are your feelings laws and government, are they necessary to maintain order and to make sure people behave. T: No I simply say that there is no point in being concerned about the affairs of the state, the rituals and the bureaucracy is too much effort. If people truly seek to follow the Tao then they will strive to be calm passive and non-striving, they will act with humility and they will not plan. To require that these people make Laws and create these "rules" is un-necessary if people follow the Tao, it truly goes against the way of the Tao. Government acting in accordance with the Tao will not wage war; it will be simple and not interfere with people's lives. This government will not wallow in luxury and will for the most part be inactive serving merely as a guide to the people as opposed to ruling them as a governor. L: When a ruler governs a state he does not rely on people to do good out of their own will. If we relied on people to do good on their own will in a township of 10,000 not even 10 men would be doing good. Men are by nature evil and the only way to have them behave is with strict laws with strict punishments. If they see they are able to do what is not good they will however if they wee they are not allowed to do bad then they will by necessity do good. The ruler should not set his attention to virtue but to law. The Laws are like the tools a craftsman uses to build a cart or to make an arrow, without them then only the 1 of 1,000 branches would be good for an arrow. Benevolence and righteousness does not improve rule. But making laws and regulations clear and rewards and punishments certain, is like using the tools to create an arrow shaft, to a state.

To listen to the people is like listening to a group of babies. If a baby...
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