Animala and Human Language

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AAnimals and human language
Features and characteristics

Linguistics is defined as the systematic study of language – a discipline which describes language in all its aspects and formulates theories as to how it works . Language is the specialized sound signaling system which seems to be genetically programmed to develop in humans. Humans can, of course, communicate in numerous other ways, they can work, wave, smile, tap someone on the shoulder, and so on.

It is clear that humans can transfer language to various other media: written symbols, Braille, sign language , and so on. Sign language is particular has interesting characteristics which are not to be participated in spoken word. However, language based on sound is more widespread and more basic , so it is given more importance in this analysis. Language is apart of culture, it is apart of human behavior. It is an acquired habit of systematic vocal activity representing meanings coming from human experience.

Some features of difference between human language and animal communication. Use of sound signals
When animals communicate with on another, they may do so by a variety of means. Grabs, for example, communicate by waving their claws at one another. But such method are not as widespread as the use of sounds, which are employed by humans , bird s, monkeys, and many other species. So our use of sound is no way unique. Sound signals have several advantages . They can be used in the dark , and at some distance to allow several messages to be sent.

By regarding language basically as sound,. The linguist can take the advantage of the fact that all human beings produce speech sounds with essentially the same equipment. Even foreign language may sound strange or difficult to use , al of them can be described by accounting the movement of the articulatory organs that produce them.

An animal communication, their a strong recognizable link between the actual signal and the message an...
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