Anthem and Fahrenheit 451 comparative essay

Topics: Government, Fahrenheit 451, Political philosophy Pages: 7 (3094 words) Published: December 16, 2013

In both Anthem and Fahrenheit 451 the society the characters live in is government controlled and they limit certain things in the lives of the citizens. Both of the authors of these books are trying to warn today’s societies about the dangers of the different faults they each exhibit and how today’s societies are starting to reflect the warnings of the books. Both Anthem and Fahrenheit 451 warn today’s societies about when government has overbearing control and holds knowledge from its citizens using fear and other means it causes rebellion and dependence within societies.

In Anthem the government has control over everything in the citizens lives starting from when the people are born through every year they live until they die. They learn what their taught and nothing more. They do what they are told and follow the laws that the society is based upon. The citizens think what the government has planted into their heads from when they were born. Using repetition and having complete control over every surrounding in the people’s lives the government can easily brainwash the citizens and can form them into anything they wants the people to be. In this novel, the society takes on an extreme version of government control. Compared to Fahrenheit 451 where the government control is still present but uses different tactics to get the same controlled and brainwashed results as the government in Anthem. In Fahrenheit 451 the citizens learn just what they are taught and nothing more, as it is in Anthem. Using teachings that merely scratching the surface on topics and using teaching methods so that the students never learning how to think for themselves or analyze anything, for that would lead to free thinkers within the society which is exactly what the governments in both books are trying to avoid. In Fahrenheit 451 they also withhold books and the knowledge of what is in them, making the books illegal and using fear of consequences to keep people away from them. The government also controls the citizen’s thoughts through the means of technology, exposing it everywhere and having kids grow up with it. Using this connection to technology they can brainwash the citizen in Fahrenheit 451 to think anything they want through means of what they hear constantly through the screens of there everyday life. Both of the societies in Anthem and Fahrenheit 451 have the ideals of a perfectly run world and the government’s answer to achieving this is complete government control and having every citizen act and think a certain way to keep a good running society. In both societies, to make the people follow the ways of the community, they limit knowledge and try to take away the option of freethinking and having the people be able to discover things about the governments ways or find ideals and wants within themselves. These actions have been reflected in real world circumstances as well, in World War I Hitler used persuasive talking and brainwashing of people to get followers and make people think in his ways. And like in Fahrenheit 451, Nazi power used banning of books as a way to keep people to think just as they wanted them to. Any book that had any anti-German or anti-Nazi ideas were banned and burned in public settings. Once people were hooked on Hitler’s idea, using this newfound power he was able to manipulate people to join his side and fight for what is wrong without most people realizing what exactly was going on. Using the tactics found in both Anthem and Fahrenheit 451 with overpowering government and withholding knowledge from the citizens, Hitler was able to get people to follow him in his path as he tried to make his version, of what he thought, was a perfect community. Along with Hitler using manipulation and persuasive tactics to brainwash the citizens, he also used fear. This tactic of using fear as a way to control the people in a society is also seen in both Anthem and Fahrenheit 451. In Anthem, the society uses...
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