Anton Mosimann

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Anton Mosimann


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Let me begin my presentation with Anton Mosimann’s philosophy: "Nothing comes solely by chance".
Chicken should taste like chicken and fish like fish. That's vital. So many people try to overpower good produce. Keep it simple. Our profession is one where you must give and be happy with it."

Anton’s Early Days

Anton Mosimann was born on February 23, 1947, the only child of Swiss restaurateurs in the Jura Mountains. He begins his book “The Essential Mosimann” with this lovely childhood memory, “I can still remember, as clearly as if it were only yesterday the sweet smell of dark, sugared fruit bubbling in the heavy copper preserving pan. My mother loved making jams and jellies and on these days the fragrance would fill the whole house, moving in a warm, fruity and sweet steam from the restaurants kitchen to our flat upstairs”

Anton Mosimann spent his early years in Nidau, near Biel helping his parents run their own restaurant where he developed both a love for food and a desire to become a cook. The first taste he clearly remembers is that of Emmental cheese. "It was so tasty and so different from my previous food of vegetables and cereals." Anton learned from an early age that there is noting more satisfying for a chef than seeing a stack of empty plates after a good meal.

When Anton was fifteen he received an unexpected call from the nearby Hotel Baeren in Twann. The owner of the hotel was looking for a new apprentice chef to work in his kitchens as the boy they had taken on couldn’t cope with the long hours and hard work. While working there he attended Cookery College every Wednesday to educate himself.

His twenties were spent toiling in the kitchens of top hotels in Rome, Montreal, Japan and Belgium, broadening his culinary education, and bringing exotic techniques into his professional repertoire. He became the youngest chef ever to be awarded the prestigious chef de cuisine diplôme. (The highest culinary award in Switzerland).

The Dorchester

In 1975 at the age of 28, Mosimann was headhunted to take over from Eugene Kaufeler, who had run the Dorchester's kitchen since just after the war. Anton became the youngest ever Maître Chef de Cuisine. He stayed there for 13 years, making it the first hotel restaurant outside France to achieve two Michelin stars. “It was a fantastic time, said Mosimann, we had 132 chefs, and 650 people on the waiting list to work there, I could have the pick of the people I wanted to work with.”

The Dorchester

Anton has many interests including fitness sports, particularly jogging, vintage cars, travelling the world and collecting antique cookery books. Health has always been important to him so in 1982 he reacted to a new challenge, he had become increasingly aware of research that showed that heart disease, a major killer in the west seemed to be directly linked to our consumption of saturated fat. He then created a new style of cooking Cuisine Naturelle - a method that would avoid using less healthy ingredients such as fats, sugar, salt and reduce the amount of alcohol.


But then he became 40, and said what next? “Do I stay another 25 years here, or look around for something else?” So Mosimann bought a former Presbyterian Church on West Halkin Street in 1989. He did it up, and launched a members' dining club that rapidly became one of London's top gastronomic destinations. It has remained a...

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