ap gov importance of order

Topics: Government, Law, Political philosophy Pages: 1 (150 words) Published: January 8, 2015
Madisen Burns
Mr. Freeman
AP Gov
11 August 2014
The Importance of Order
Order is defined as a state of peace and security. Keeping order means keeping the peace, which involves the protection of citizens against criminals or private/foreign armies. Without order, it is impossible to sustain any other benefits that people expect from their government. When Americans are threatened by internal or external sources, the government is relied upon to protect them. Traffic laws, business laws, and even our national defense system create order; without these systems our society would be extremely chaotic. The creation of government was meant to protect citizen’s property rights and to organize a system of impartial justice. Without order, there would be constant conflicting groups and people never on the same page. Nothing would ever be solved, protected, or systematic. Order is necessary as the basic starting point to organize and sustain a nation.

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