Aplied Linguistics, L1 and L2

Topics: Linguistics, Applied linguistics, Language acquisition Pages: 3 (630 words) Published: December 15, 2011
Reading Worksheet 1:

Read the extract Applied Linguistics: An emerging discipline for the twenty-first century in your reading packs and answers the following questions:

1. On the basis of the information provided by Grabe, complete the following chart. Which conclusions can you draw regarding the scope of Applied Linguistics?

|Decade |Focus of Applied Linguistics | | |Insights of structural and functional linguistics that could be applied to language teaching and | |1950s |literacy in first and second language. | | |Language assessment, language policies and second language acquisition ( focused on learning rather | |1960s |than teaching) | | |Real world problems rather than theoretical explorations: Language assessment, second language | |1970s |acquisition, literacy, multilingualism, language minority rights language planning and policy and | | |teacher training. Language teaching remains important. | | |Incorporation of many subfields beyond language teaching and language learning such as: language | |1980s |assessment, language policy and planning, language use in professional settings, translation, | | |lexicography, multilingualism, language and technology and corpus linguistics. | | |Incorporation of more subfields and drawing on supporting disciplines: Psychology, education, | |1990s |anthropology, sociology, political science, policy...
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