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Applied linguistics and language use

Here is the role applied linguistics is to recognize that these problems often cause deep passions and may need to be viewed as issues in which language plays only a part.

The purpose here is that the chief role of applied linguistics is to ask the right questions about the context in which a language problem is embedded, and then to generalize to other contexts where the same problem can be shown often analysis to exist.

Problems, what are some of these problems? First we have is what appears as first right to be a straight toward language problem. The role of applied linguistics is to recognize that these problems often cause deep passions and need to be viewed as more than language issues.

There is also the notion of correctness and the accent problem parallels educational code problem. Also there is the problem with instructions and information. Once again for the applied linguist the language problem involves a context which needs to be taken full account.

Language correctness as an applied linguistics problem, here in this part it speaks that first the learner must master the rules some examples of concerns in these various areas and the ways in which these are of interest to the applied linguist, there is the old idea that is not important for modern time against “due to” here the writer reminds us of two fundamental point, the standard language changes over time and no power can stop it and second point paradoxically state.

Then we have effective writing which displays clear thinking. The writer explains what is wrong with early written drafts and in what ways to make the draft dearer. They are followed by a proposed redraft of the passage.

Social class markers, in this part it talks when parents don’t understand their teen children, due to their speech ways and the different classes.

Non- discriminatory language attends to be neutral as to group-member ship correctness and the...
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