Are Artificial Languages More Useful than International Languages?

Topics: Linguistics, Linguistic relativity, Constructed language Pages: 3 (988 words) Published: April 30, 2014
In order to communicate one has to be able to express oneself through spoken language, written language or body language. To be able to communicate with language one has to master the language which you have in common with each individual one wants to reach to. English is the world’s universal language. Due to globalization and internalization, countries all around the planet start to adapt to the fact that learning English is becoming almost a necessity for developing their economies among other. The consequence that comes with English growing is: one will have the risk of forgetting their native language in hope of speaking English fluently. The risk of individuals losing their native language is something that some linguists choose to criticize and other linguists defend, which you can read about in Blueprint C. Questions that will be answered are following: Are artificial languages more useful than international languages, like English? Why do people prefer the artificial languages?

What arguments do the linguists that criticize speaks for artificial languages have respectively? Artificial languages are something that is useful for people in areas like transactions between countries, such as importing and exporting goods, (Nationalencyklopedin, 2013). In areas like reaching sensible and good decisions on topics that affects worldwide like economic and environmental issues, is a functional language very important. As I mentioned earlier, English is an international language, but it is too complicated for non-English speakers to learn and use in an understandable way if you don’t have the basic knowledge of the English language. Therefore the English-based artificial language Globish was created and became useful for non-English speakers. In Globish official website,, you can read about how the language is structured and you can also read about the benefits with Globish. Globish is easier to learn than English since it only has a...

References: Mckay C. Brodin M. Clayton C. Webster C. Liber AB, 2010, Blueprint C, Liber AB. , Globish, hämtad 2013-09-09 , Nationalencyklopedin, hämtad 2013-09-09åk , Nationalencyklopedin, hämtad 2013-09-09.
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