Are Mobile Phones Good or Bad?

Topics: Mobile phone, Push-button telephone, Rotary dial Pages: 1 (285 words) Published: October 8, 2008
Written by Michael Lammer
To start with, mobile phones nowadays are an established part of society and cannot be neglected for every day’s life of many people anymore. The contentious question of how much they are already dependent on their mobile phone is very interesting, as they have advantages and disadvantages.

As everyone knows a mobile phone can make life easier in many ways - it makes you reachable anytime all around the world due to not being fixed to any wires. Otherwise some stressed people may consider the offered possibility of being reachable all day long disturbing.

The latest generation of mobile phones goes even further, enabling also possibilities like seamless organising and using awesome options of multimedia: Most of nowadays’ phones have integrated cameras for taking photos and recording videos.

Nobody will deny that a mobile phone can be useful for children when being outside of their parents’ house at elementary school age. Not just in cases of emergency, but also anytime the parents want to reach their child.

I am not convinced that mobile phones may be really dangerous for people’s health, due to the radiation. Respectable studies, in most cases from researching doctors themselves, show that there is definitely a radiation, which may cause serious damages at the human body. The mobile phone’s industry of course denies such possibilities.

As many advantages mobile phones may have, they can also be a trap for young people causing them enormous bills: A considerable danger of piling debts.

To conclude I may say that mobile phones are, no way, an enormous advancement in technology making life much easier – but we have to be wary of not slithering in dependency of them.
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