Are We Old Enough?

Topics: Government, Political party, Sovereign state Pages: 2 (687 words) Published: February 11, 2013

It’s in the nature's control that we age, but the activities in age growth should also be controlled, which can be done by some authority. This is where the parliament plays the role of a supreme authority in our country. The government of India has laid down some ground rules with respect to the permission and prohibition to activities for certain age groups. The most basic rules constituting marriage, driving, voting, contesting elections etc are regulated by the government rules and regulations. The country is drowning in alcohol issues because of uncontrolled underage drinking. Lives being lost, car accidents, misleading of youth, depression in teenagers etc are some main problems constituted by underage drinking. There have been live examples in papers, in teenage awareness shows like ‘Gumraah’ & ‘Crime Patrol’ on nationwide television channels, which depict the real life events. These shows should be a lesson for every youth and should be taken seriously. When the government had raised the age bar at 25 for drinking, the news spread like forest fire and even celebrities filed a PIL in government, but none discussed the seriousness of the decision. Yes it disappointed the youth and created dislike for the existing congress government which is continuing till now. Every youth should realize at the age of 18, it’s a student’s life; the youth should aim at success and a bright future for themselves and their future generations. The money spent on consuming alcohol is a very unproductive act. Plus in a country like India the average teenager is a dependent and he/she is spending or rather wasting the parent’s money, which could be put for something more fruitful. The people should thank the government because such a bold step is for the betterment of the today’s youth and shaping the country’s future leaders. After the person achieves the age of 25 the person has finished the student life, now earning salary, has a secure...
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