Art vs Government

Topics: Censorship, Reading Lolita in Tehran, Art Pages: 2 (820 words) Published: March 2, 2008
The forces of art and the forces of power, ever since their existence, have always clashed with each other. The battle field, where the fight for artistic exposure is suppressed by the powers of censorship, is not just one field, but a massive number of fields. Fields like painting, advertising, food, media, and even gaming are being massacred by the weapons of censorship. Now, is it wrong to hold back art, or is it wrong to let it run free? It all depends on how the art is presented. There are good sides and bad sides to art. In the infinite battles of the war of art, the outcome of the war has already been decided, even before any battles have taken place: a stalemate.

There are certain things that should be censored in any country. Things like eroticism, violence, negative influence, and plain scary stuff that can make people cry. The government should have the power to protect. Since the government is made to govern the people, it should be logical to say that the government has the right to do anything in their power to protect their people. Without the people, there is no government. With the protection the government provides, it can shape the society the people live in. young minds will be corrupt and turn precocious with the mind of a sexually violent person without the proper guidelines to show them the right path. Not everything should be censored, but inappropriate things that can damage an innocent society. Examples like decapitated limbs for a movie poster, erotic videos, and gory games should be controlled. The world today is already corrupted. Children as young as ten years already know what sex organs can do, what they feel like, and how it should be used before the government has a chance to teach them. With that knowledge, children will turn evil, pulling down innocent children into their ranks with the greatest weapon they have in their arsenal: peer pressure. Peer pressure is very lethal. It's like a disease that spreads like wild fire....
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