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The ASEAN and APEC merged to fulfill their goals, they have the same goal so they made a decision— it is by merging both sides. Sustainable tourism is a key economic driver for the Asia-Pacific region, creating jobs and promoting investment and development. To help promote growth in travel and tourism in the region, the Tourism Working Group (TWG) was formed in 1991. It brings tourism administrators together to share information, exchange views and develop areas of cooperation on tourism trade and policies. The TWG's objective is to foster economic development in the Asia-Pacific region through sustainable tourism, recognizing that; tourism is one the region's fastest growing industries and is of significant importance to the economic development of APEC economies; tourism is important in fostering regional understanding and cooperation; the tourism industry in member economies is at different levels of development; and member economies share the common goal of quality development and services. The APEC Tourism Charter, endorsed at the 1st Tourism Ministerial Meeting in Korea in 2000, constitutes the basis for APEC tourism cooperation. The Charter reflects a collective commitment to improve the economic, cultural, social and environmental well-being of APEC member economies through tourism. It establishes four key policy goals and an agreed process for realising these aims: •Removal of impediments to tourism business and investment •Increase mobility of visitors and demand for tourism goods and services •Sustainable management of tourism outcomes and impacts

Enhance recognition and understanding of tourism as a vehicle for economic and social development 2012, these three projects are expected to help tourism development in APEC: 1.Project TWG 01 2011A “Creating Business Growth Opportunities in the New APEC Economy”. This seeks to identify business growth opportunities and challenges that need to be addressed. 2.Project TWG 02 2011A- APEC- A Conference on...
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