Asian economy

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Rouen Business School---IFI 3 Bsc3 -----ZHANG Naixin

1. Why did you choose Asia for doing business with emerging economies? Generally speaking, as we know that Asia has become one of the regions whose economy is developing fastest in recent years. This new flow of powerful booming begins to attract lots of global attentions and to occupy more and more world economic market. This fact which cannot be ignored any more is not only a huge challenge, but also stands for a great business opportunity for our developed western countries. Actually, except for Asia, there are also many other emerging countries existing, why I choose Asia as my good destination, the reason is his huge coverage and that he has some excellent leaders or symbolic countries who have already shown this region’s unlimited potential, such as China, India and some south-east Asia countries. The most attractive BRICS countries, Asian countries have taken up two places, which is enough convinced to prove his force and strength. So this emerging power means that he has more business opportunities with his rich natural resources, cheap labours and others good qualities. Doing business in Asia can motivate our economy and provide us with a new challenge to get a win-win result. What else, I am an international student from China, I really want to have a chance to know what foreign countries view the Asia, and in their opinions, what is the best way to do business with our Asian people and how they will get along with the Asian government and local people. After all, if someday I come back to work in China, I have more cases to deal with the foreign countries, this lesson or these experience that is get from the class today will help me to find a good method to do my business. Besides, as I am a Chinese, I don’t know well about the other Asian countries very well, this class can also transfer some information and knowledge about their culture characteristics and economic dynamics for me.

2. How did the first public conferences help you with the seminar? How useful was this seminar? How should we organize this seminar to improve it better for the students? The first public conferences give us a shocked beginning to accept the conception of new world coming up. It reminds us that the emerging countries have risen up nowadays, as a student who is studying the business and commerce; we should have the sensibility to think this strong power more important and learn to do business with those different but potential countries. This seminar is just one week, but enough for helping us to realize that new world is coming, and we need to make good use of this good timing to expand our business so as to seize a lot of business opportunities. It gives us some detailed introductions about Asian history, various culture and tradition, and also taught us many instructions from their specific geographic and political aspects to do business with Asian countries. What I like most as an Asian student is that the professor really knows well and entirely about Asia, and he can keep a rational attitude for those cases happened between the Asian countries and Western countries, then let us to analyse with a reasonable viewpoints. I really appreciate his class doing business with China. I only want to suggest one point is that I wish to watch more video clips about Asia or some cases doing between Asia and West. Or you can provide some cases for us to fulfill the role playing activity during the class. This will be more interested and functional for the students.

3. Geopolitics of emerging economies:
What are the main stakes in Asia?
What are the trends in terms of changing the dynamics of business, politics and the social changes in Asia? Doing business in a new and emerging zone...
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