Aspects of Language

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Homework 3

It is not important to preserve linguistic diversity. A mono-linguistic society or a society with fewer languages would reduce the risk of ethnic division and and would avoid any kind of social classifications which are directly related to the difference of people’s language. Plus, there will be no issues concerning the legislation of a certain language or the use of it in public and administrative concerns. Politics won’t be investing much time and planning to deal with such a things as politicians won’t be favorited by a certain group more than the other because of their support to a certain language more than the other. Even the media would be linguistically unified allowing every single individual to have the choice what to read, watch, or listen to like any other member of the society instead of having to deal with a limited variety of media due to the use of a certain language. I understand immigration is a fact in every single society. Now more than ever. But it also comes to my understanding that once you settle in a new country, you are committing to settle within a new system, new laws, new weather, new government, new economy…new language! Deal with your new choice. If you want to speak a certain language at home or with certain close family members and friends, you are free to do so as long as you are not in N.K. Just don’t expect any public or governmental step towards preserving your language. And I am speaking as an immigrant myself. The only two public resources that seem to me need to provide services in multiple languages are any institutions related health care or juridical situations, regardless of how many languages are officially spoken the society these two must provide linguistic facilities for people who can only speak certain languages.
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