Assignment 1 Lexicology And Etimology

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Assignment 1.


How are English words classified?
The general study of words and vocabulary, irrespective of the specific features of any particular language, is known as general lexicology.
It goes without saying that every special lexicology is based on the principles of general lexicology, and the later firms a part of general linguistics.

English words have been traditionally classified into eight lexical categories or parts of speech (and are still done so in most dictionaries):
Noun-Any abstract or concrete entity; a person (police officer, Michael), place (coastline, London), thing (necktie, television), idea (happiness), or quality (bravery) Pronoun-Any substitute for a noun or noun phrase (them)

Adjective-Any qualifier of a noun or pronoun (big)
Verb-Any action (walk), occurrence (happen), or state of being (be) Adverb-Any qualifier of an adjective, verb, clause, sentence, or other adverb (very) Preposition-Any establisher of relation and syntactic context (in) Conjunction-Any syntactic connector (and)

Interjection-Any emotional greeting (or "exclamation") (ow)
The four main parts of speech in English, namely nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs, are labelled "form Classes" as well. This is because prototypical members of each class share the ability to change their form By accepting derivational or inflectional morphemes. The term "form" is used because it refers literally to The similarities in shape of the word in its pronunciation and spelling for each part of speech. Modern linguists prefer to list words in classes that are coherent - all the words in them should behave in the same Way. But if this principle were applied rigidly, we would have hundreds of classes, so we allow irregularities!

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What are the fundamentals features of the basic word stock of the English vocabulary? Etymology (Gr. etymon “truth” + Gr. logos “learning”) is a branch of linguistics that...
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