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Kuliah Kerja Lapangan (KKL) is a form of activity provide learning experiences for students to live in the middle of the campus community are likely to be found, as well as a process of learning and community service are building and know the success and problems in the face. Kuliah Kerja Lapangan (KKL) is one of the obligatory courses conducted by the State University of Jakarta in an effort to Mission and Weight increase education for students and for gain greater added value in higher education. Job training is intended for the purpose of improving relevance of higher education to the development and needs society for science and technology with at underlying the Faith in order to implement development to grow and thrive today. This activity is a prerequisite for students at Semester VI to obtain a certificate as a prerequisite for essay examination at the end of the course. All students are required to follow the activity at least once. For students, the activities of KKL should be perceived as new learning experience that is not obtained in the campus, so that the completion of the KKL, students will have the insight to provision live and socialize in the community at the time of carrying out devotion to the nation and the State in the future History

The program of study English Literature, Faculty of Humanities University of Brawijaya stems from the establishment of English Language Laboratory UB in 1973. The Language Laboratory serves as the medium of English education to prepare UB faculty in continuing their studies abroad. With the Rector's Decree No. 026 / SK / 1986, the English Language Laboratory-1 Diploma courses of English in 1986. The English Language Laboratory Unit then turned into English in 1993 (Rector's Decree No. 036 / SK / 1993). Then opened courses D-3 English (Rector's Decree No. 044 / SK / 1995) and the S-1 English Literature (Higher Education Decree No. 488 / Higher / Kep / 1999).

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