Bangladesh- the History of Development and It's Proverty

Topics: Poverty, Overpopulation, Bangladesh Pages: 3 (825 words) Published: November 15, 2006
Bangladesh- The history of development and it's proverty
When our mind thinks about poverty the first thing our mind thinks about is the third world. As a citizen of such a third world country I never realized my country is such a poor country until I came to Canada. Bangladesh is my homeland, one of the poorest countries in South Asia.

Bangladesh has the highest incidence of poverty in South Asia. The country known as world's largest populated country after India and China. The poverty of Bangladesh is a result of over population, insufficient food, unemployment and traditional based economy. The concern with food and agriculture has been uppermost literature right in development in Bangladesh. These sectors provide the largest share of income and employment in Bangladesh. After Bangladesh became independent from Pakistan in 1971, the strategies of economic development were strongly traditional society based. During 1970 when Bangladesh was facing a severe crisis the World Bank took steps to reform the economy. The World Bank was able to help the poor by creating employment in different sectors, lowering the inflation rate, reducing the money deficit.

During the year 1980 the rate of poverty became higher. In 1991-92 this rate reached 59 percent. The government with the help of World Bank increased the growth of export-oriented industries with better export and production policies. But since then the economy has shown a steady improvement. In 1991 Bangladesh became a parliamentary democracy. When Shek Hasina was elected the prime minister of the country in 1996 Bangladesh has made important progressions, a wide range of development.

In 1984 the Bangladesh bank and the center bank of Bangladesh attempt to provide housing for rural areas. While it was planned by 1987 under this program at least 6000 houses would be financed. Unfortunately in reality only 3,762 loans were distributed. Again, by providing

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