Barriers and Strategies in Listening Comprehension for College Students

Topics: Linguistics, Psychology, Understanding Pages: 6 (2093 words) Published: November 25, 2013
Barriers and Strategies in Listening Comprehension for College Students Abstract: Listening is an important skill for language learners. Many college students have difficulty in listening tasks. This paper tries to probe for the reason and propose solutions Key Words: Listening Barrier Strategy

1. Introduction
With the development of society and the trend towards globalization, Chinese society and all kinds of profession fields demand that human resources are proficient in English. Listening is an important skill for language learners. It plays vital roles in daily communication. As is known to all, real communication involves two language skills: speaking and listening, they are closely related to each other. Speaking is the beginning of the comprehension and is regarded as the production of language while listening is the comprehension of the produced language. Without listening, communication can’t be maintained. However, many college students have little enthusiasm for listening tasks. They feel so difficult to improve their listening comprehension proficiency. Sometimes, they do a lot but achieve little. Considering the above reasons, this paper try to probe into the barriers and problems of listening comprehension for college students and they try to propose some strategies to overcome these problems. 2. Problem and Drawback of the Listening Comprehension

2.1 The Emerging of the Problem
Up to now, the traditional English teaching in China has mainly focused on the teaching of reading and writing, and neglected to cultivate the students' ability of listening and speaking, especially in college English teaching. In many colleges and universities, listening teaching submits to intensive reading, the rate of listening course only takes up a small portion of time in the whole curriculum. For example, in our university, the rate of reading and listening in class time is 3:1, namely, we spend about 3 hours on intensive reading each week, whereas listening course is just given 1 or less hour approximately, a very small amount. The listening input is rather inadequate. As for teaching procedure, the traditional model of listening teaching still prevails: explain the new words, play the tape, do the exercises and check the answers. Ultimately, a great many students may get good marks in reading even writing but quite some cannot perform well in listening and speaking, so it is not strange that lots of students fail to pass Listening Comprehension Part of the CET-4 0r 6. As a result, a variety of units in society complains that many graduated students are not good at the communication in English in their real work. Moreover, since 1999 the enrollments in many domestic universities have markedly Been increasing for satisfying of the urgent need of talents who serve the rapid development of economy and culture, resulting in the serious lack of the English teachers. Consequently, a new teaching patten with big class (about 120-150 0r more students), come to surface. Comparing with about 30-40 or less students in a teaching class in the past, the ratio of teachers to students is sharply increased to 1:120 even l:150 0r more, so it is difficult for teacher to make contact with each student duly and all-roundly, and to organize the creative and vivid teaching activities. Under such a circumstance, there is a less chance to participate and practice for many students so that they are less interest or absent-mind, doing the other course homework and even falling asleep in class time, eventually gradually refuse to attend it. Facing to such situation, who can expect to achieve a good teaching effect? Scholars at home or abroad have many discussions on the factors of affecting listening comprehension. They can be summarized in three main categories: Problems in Teaching, Linguistic Problems, Non-Linguistic Problems. Linguistic Problems includes pronunciation, vocabulary, English grammar associated with cultural...
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